Heartwood Dregs 3 + 50ml Sample

Heartwood Dregs 3 + 50ml Sample

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The label states that the Cask Type is 'TFMTM' - for those of you who like a good acronym, have a guess at what it stands for. 
With whiskies aged in casks as diverse as: Tokay, Muscat, Sherry, Port, and Bourbon (as well as both peated and unpeated spirit), what does it taste like? Tim explains, "It tastes good. Really good. It's like a Penguin Paperback series in one volume." I'd have to agree. In music terms, it's like the Grease Megamix of whiskies. There is such a kaleidoscope of flavours that it is hard to fathom, but I know that I like it
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